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The Benefits are Clear

£500 from the Co-operative Society financed a pilot. The first two learners and volunteer Reading Coaches made quick progress and highlighted the benefits of short regular one-to-one learning sessions for the learner and the Reading Coach.

Local businesses and voluntary organisations donated learning space so that learning pairs had a safe and private place in which to learn.
FRED was started in April 2010 by Julie Carthy, a teacher and adult dyslexia specialist, who lives near Cinderford.
The Beginning
The Vision

Julie knew that the most difficult people to reach are those who do not read. Her vision was for good quality  support that had to be one-to-one, fit in with learners' lives and be easy to access.

In order to make the learning free, flexible and one-to-one Julie decided to find local people who could read and who were willing and able to help others and to train them to become reading coaches.
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