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FRED is a FREE service for people who live in the Forest of Dean and who would like to improve their reading.


We probably all know someone who doesn't read. It is very common and can restrict a person's life in many ways. Everyday tasks that those of us who do read take for granted, such as shopping, applying for jobs, helping your children and grandchildren and taking part in community life are much more difficult.


We know that it can be a huge step for people who have always found reading difficult to ask for help and put their trust in us.


This is why we ensure that all the coaching we provide is:

One-to-one – much less intimidating than joining a class. It means that learners can work at their own pace with reading materials that interest them.

Free – to anyone who lives in the Forest of Dean.

Flexible – learning sessions are short and regular. No more than 30 minutes, twice a week at a time to suit the learner.

Confidential – learners meet their coaches at local venues which provide privacy for learning.


Learning to read makes life easier to:

•  Take part in all those things mentioned above

•  Be more independent, so more confident

•  Get a job

•  Join in with more social activities


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