Management Team
Jennifer Lewis
Kris Ventris Field
Janet Williams
The Management Team organises the training and the support for new and existing coaches. It looks  after the finances so that there is enough money to cover expenses and to buy resources. It makes sure FRED works to legal guidelines for insurance and risk assessments. It writes policies to make sure FRED's coaches and learners get the best out of working with FRED.
Coach Coordinator

Sheila contacts all prospective new learners, offering them a confidential interview and an informal assessment. She then matches the learner with a suitable coach and provides on-going support.

She also sources and checks the venues used by FRED and is always on the look out for new resources to help coaches and learners. She reports back to the Management Team on a regular basis so that they stay in touch with how things are going and can deal with any problems or concerns. She writes and sends out a regular newsletter to coaches and is always available by telephone or email.
Sheila Priest
Coach Coordinator
Roger Deeks
Malcom Vine

Contacts Coordinator

The Contacts Team led by Malcom Vine work throughout the Forest spreading the word about FRED.  People who experience difficulty reading and writing are often socially isolated and embarrassed about seeking help and it can be a challenge reaching potential learners.  As well as distributing leaflets and posters to as many organisations and businesses as possible, the team also attends events, meetings and places where contact with potential learners can be made.  Use is also made of radio, newspaper and social media to communicate information about FRED.


Malcom also represents FRED at meetings with local employers, local government, other education providers and non-statutory organisations.

Coaches Group Coordinator

Anne Holt coordinates the Coaches Group which was started at the end of 2019 and plans to meet regularly to provide additional support for volunteers. These are informal meetings providing an opportunity to get to know other coaches, share information, support each other and discuss anything, e.g. topics for future training sessions and ideas for encouraging more learners to come forward.


Thank you and hopefully see you next week.

This is an opportunity for reading coaches to bring up any issues or concerns in an informal atmosphere over a cup of coffee and to bring forward any ideas they may have for improving the sharing of information and to discuss ways of reaching new learners.

Anne Holt
Coaches Group Coordinator