We are very lucky to have many fantastic volunteers who are dedicated to helping others learn to read. Our reading coaches are patient, reliable and discreet. All receive initial training and on-going support. Anyone who can read may apply to be a Volunteer Reading Coach. The free one-day training session is generally held on a Saturday and no prior teaching experience is necessary.  This is an opportunity for prospective coaches to get to know each other, to discuss some of the issues surrounding adult learning and to gain an overview of the Yes We Can Read book.  

Once the training is completed, there may sometimes be a delay before getting started as we try to pair coaches with a learner who lives not too far away.  We have a range of places across the Forest where learners and coaches can meet so that they can choose a venue which suits them both.

Two or three times a year coaches are invited to extension training sessions where they are able to share their successes, challenges and ideas in a friendly, informal atmosphere. Various activities are included to support their reading coach skills and they can catch up with FRED’s latest developments and projects.

Above and below are some  photos taken at recent extension training sessions.
Reading Coaches
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If you are interested in volunteering with FRED then contact us for an application form.
Every training session gives new ideas on how different our learners are and how fast/slow they work.
Interesting, accessible and quite fun!
It was great to hear the range of experiences from other coaches.
I loved hearing how other coaches have connected with their learners.
I particularly enjoyed the small group activity,  developing extra  resources to accompany the reading books.

Some comments from the latest training session
A useful  update on the latest ‘talking books’ project and finding out  how it could be used with our learners.