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Garden Party



I have worked for Lydney Town Council for forty years. This year I was chosen to go to the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. We went to Ross-on-Wye to catch a coach to London.


At Buckingham Palace they gave us sandwiches, tea and cake and later ice cream. We saw the Queen and one of her sons.  Later we went for a walk around the park and saw the different sights.  The next day we caught the coach back to Ross.   




A Kick in the Teeth!



Just after the foot and mouth I was working on a farm with sheep and cattle. The cattle were very wild and jumpy because they'd been shut up for quarantine.  


We were getting some ready for the slaughterhouse and putting them in a loading pen. The lorry came and we loaded them in. I went back to the pen and undid the gate for the other cattle to come through and they came rushing through like wild animals and one kicked out with his back leg and kicked me in the side of my face and the next thing I knew I was on the floor. I thought they would trample me.



I got up and out of the pen then I noticed I had five teeth knocked out and a sore jaw. I went home and then to hospital but I spent the next three weeks getting over it.


Since then my sounds don't sound what I want them to make - ch, qu, sh, th, and th.





My Story


After I left school I didn’t have a job for a long time, my mum and dad supported me so that I wouldn’t get upset about not being able to read. I went on a training scheme, they would find you a job, that helped a lot. I got work with Remploy and worked for 28 years. That was ok because everyone had some problem, they were understanding.



When I finished there I started some cleaning jobs on my own. My husband said I should start my own business but people used to leave notes for me about what they wanted me to do, I couldn’t understand and used to get upset. I didn’t tell anyone because I was ashamed.


I told someone whose husband had help with FRED and she gave me the number for FRED. I was a bit nervous about ringing but my husband encouraged me to ring so I did.



I feel better in myself, I’m more confident. I can write things down and fill forms on my own and ask my reading coach for help to check things.  I want to learn to drive and my reading coach is helping me with my theory test. I like reading the books (Turning Pages) and I try reading at home more on my own.





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